The OFL cold drink freezer separates the vertical version and the roller shelf

Aug 18 , 2021

Red Bull Standard Double Slide Sale display box

Supermarket Standard Double Slide

OFL standard double slide helps Red Bull vitamin function drinks automatically manage goods, and the front row products automatically slide to the front end, realize automatic replenishment, efficient replenishment, and improve sales volume more guaranteed.

Cold drink freezer is separated by the vertical plate

Cooler refrigerate shelf

Cold drink freezers shelf

Cold drink freezers separate the laminate to solve the irregular arrangement of drinks, prone to lodging, and surface chaos.

Commercial cold drink freezer special version of the store drink display rack

Automatic silding shelf

supermarkt automatic roller shelf

OFL commercial freezer self-weight slide shelf, so that the beverage automatically front of the first row of the new patent shelf, bid farewell to expired goods, chaos, goods and difficult display diseases.

OFL Supermarket roller rack (GM)

Aluminum bottle rack

Acrylic pastic roller shelf

As a new high-tech display prop, the retail display drink shelf frame takes the first bottle of drink, and the back row of the goods automatically slide to the front end to realize the automatic handling of the goods and make the shelves are full at all time.

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