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Retail Merchandise Shelf Pusher Trays for Supermarket Spring Loaded Bottle Drink

Pushers can present in integrity segmentation by using Pushers & Dividers which make consumers easier to browse the shelves.
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    50% advance, 50% balance payment
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    Shenzhen Port
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    10—14 days
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Retail Merchandise Shelf Pusher Trays for Supermarket Spring Loaded Bottle Drink

Product Characteristics

1.LOGO&printing is available. Product is customized.

2.Accurate packing method,reduce the shipping cost for weight goods or light goods,various shipping way can be chosen,fast and low cost.

3.Strong design and development team support,offer you professional suggestion,Perfect development of the mold,make a idea come true.

Product advantages

1.Labor Saving
2.Reduced restocking time
3.Elimination of refacing time
4.Retail display racks accomodates various types of goods
5.Easier for shoppers to locate merchandise
6.Shelf for freezers simple and quick installation (no tools required)

Product name

Spring Loaded Bottle Drink

Portable and Auto-Feed
L:160/180/200/235/280mm X W:60mm X H:39mm
Sample Lead Time
5 Working Days
Production Lead Time
5-10 Working Days
Automatically push various goods

Producrs Description

Combined Type Pusher

Can be adjusted according to the width of the product, easy to use.


You can adjust the width you want.

Supermarket Shelf Pusher System

Drugs and Cosmetics Shelf Pusher

 Auto fill Drink Shelf

Product Function

When the guest takes the first item placed on the integrated propeller, the goods behind will automatically push forward, always let the goods display in the first place, greatly improve the display ability of the goods, and do not need to organize the goods manually. Save labor and cost.

Rack For Shop Shelf Divider

Scope Of Application

1. Suitable for cigarette box, carton, plastic bottle, metal can, glass bottle and other fixed packaging.

2. The shelf rack are widely used in the retail store, supermarket for vending sales, to push the cigarette, bottles or other goods.

Store cigarette shelf pusher

Corporate strength

1.OFL Has a strong R & D and service team, can more open to assist customers to develop products and provide excellent after-sales service.

2.The largest production capacity and the most stringent inspection in the industry.

3.The leading supplier in the field of automatic shelf subdivision in China.

4.We have more than 70% of the market for Roller Shelf products.

Our product covers more than 50,000 retail stores.

Certificate of Honor

There are more than 90 patents for invention, utility and appearance. (Including US and Europe)

CE、NSF、RoHS、IOS9001, etc.


Q:What is the minimum purchase quantity?

A:Munimum order 50pcs.

Q:What sizes do you have?

A:This is a customized product,which can be made in any size.The error of the length and width between the actual product and your requirement is less than 10mm.

Q:How long is the delivery time of the product?

A:Depending on the order quantity,the first batch of products will be delivered in 10-20 days.The deliver time of subsequent orders will be shortened to 7-14 days.

Q:Does this product need to turn on and off the lights by itself?
A:Don't need.Because its light is controlled by the circuit board,it will automatically turn on and off the according to the factory Settings.

Q:Can this product be used on a horizontal plane?

A:Sure. We can add a base for you, so that the product itself has a tilt,sliding function.

Q:What goods is this product suitable for?

A:Any product that weighs more than 50g and has a flat bottom of the package can be used.

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