Why Choose Roller Shelf
  • Boosting Desire To Buy Boosting Desire To Buy
    According to 10 years' market feedback,Roller Shelf can effectively improve the sales volume of retail stores up to 10%. Automatic fronting makes consumers more easy and willing to shop in retail stores. Shoppers prefer a clean, safe and well organized store with shelves that are well merchandised and look good. Shelves that are shopped down are not inviting and create a bad impression of the store (disorganized). Nobody really wants to shop these shelves. Shoppers spend only 3.5 Minutes in a C-Store. They want to find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently. Shopper research reveals that a shopper who finds the first item within 10 seconds, spends the same amount of time in the category and purchases 50% more. FACT: Efficient merchandising increases sales.
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  • Reduce Operating Costs Reduce Operating Costs
    Roller shelf can help goods keep in order and reduce the time of stocking and shelf organizing, so as to greatly improve the work efficiency of employees and ultimately reduce the labor cost. Roller Shelf Will Help Further Drive Private Label Sales For Retailers With roller shelf gravity feed roller tracks, product is automatically front faced to the shelf edge. This assists in the shopper marketing process as a well-presented category is easy to shop and stands out in the aisle. Operationally, retailers no longer have to rely on hours of manual fronting from employees throughout the day. This effect allows retailers to reallocate labor tasks to other areas of the store, boost operational efficiencies while creating a better shopping experience.
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  • Strong applicability Strong applicability
    Roller Shelf patented rollers are a universal merchandising solution that will keep all beverage packs consistently fronted and organized. An organized shelf plays a critical role in the purchasing decision as shoppers only spend 15 seconds at the shelf on average. With changing customer trends and new beverages being introduced, fine tuning product assortments is critical. Roller shelf adjustable dividers allow for fast and easy planogram resets which allows stores to quickly adapt their beverage offerings. Roller shelf can be applied to different sizes of packages by resetting the adjustable dividers.
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  • Simple installation Simple installation
    Roller shelf can be installed directly on to the shelf fixture. It can be supplied as individual tracks or assembled sheets of any size and is easy to transport and install. 1. Products are always fronted to the shelf edge. 2. Lane dividers are easily adjusted to suit any package type. 3. FlexRoller shelves will last a minimum of 5 years in the marketplace. 4. Activation of top and bottom shelf. 5. Shopper marketing where it needs to be – at the shelf. 6. Fits to many product categories. OFL boasts several market-driven solutions that can enhance the on-shelf presence of your Private Label brands. From signage to fronting solutions, OFL has the capabilities and expertise to provide custom solutions to best fit your in-store merchandising strategies.
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About OFL
Guangdong OFL Automatic Display Shelf Co.,Ltd.
Guangdong OFL Automatic display Shelf Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2014. Focusing on the research and development(R&D), production and sales of roller shelf, our products are mainly used for commercial freezers, shelf racks, cigarette racks etc. OFL has two production bases in Zhuhai and Qingdao. There are 7 offices distributed in Shanghai, Qingdao, Wuhan, Lanzhou, Chengdu, Yunnan and Guangzhou for covering the whole country business.   OFL started to research roller shelf since 2007, our products have been gone through 15 years attempts and innovations. At present we posses 98 patents, including 92 domestic patents and 6 foreign patents. Being through the unremitting technology and innovation research. The automated workshop applied by OFL has 10 most advanced production lines in the industry. Among them, the Zhuhai base has 4 production lines and Qingdao base has 6 production lines Coveringthe complete process from injection molding of raw materials to assembly of finished products. Through the application of artificial intelligence and automated production lines, the standardization level of roller shelf has been raised to a new level. We promote high efficiency and quality way to meet customers needs. In order to make the goods sliding forward automatically on the roller shelf, achieving the effect of,"Automatic Tally". We use high-quality, effective materials and accessories for assembly. Being through years of market feedback and product upgrades, OFL roller shelf has achieved diversification of sizes, structures and accessories Therefore, our roller shelf can adapt to various environments and commodity applications to the greatest extent. The purpose of the roller shelf is to save time to tally goodsand labor cost.Increasing marketing revenue. In terms of quality management, OFL has advanced production equipmentand strict quality management system, With the strict standard procedures and inspection standards. We are committed to providing the best solution to our customers Always adhere to the business philosophy of, "people-oriented, customer first". We will keep in market-oriented, supported by scientific and technological innovation and based on the fundamental principle of honesty and trustworthiness.Continuously improve our technical level and strength.
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Guangdong OFL Automatic Display Shelf Co.,Ltd.
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OFL is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales, with Zhuhai, Qingdao and other offices that can provide customized services according to customer needs, so as...
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At present,OFL has 20 patents for invention, utility models and appearance, etc. The roller shelf products have been filed on the enterprise standards, and is actively applying for provincial and loca...
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Since its establishment in Zhuhai in 2014, OFL has experienced several years of innovation and our equipment is increasingly improved. From the initial low production capacity to the high production o...
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OFL strictly follows the principle of "highest quality, sincere service, excellence, continuous improvement", and adheres to the update of production equipment, improve production technology, continuo...
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