Roller shelf disassembled version

Aug 22 , 2022

The exploded view of the roller shelf, the main parts of the Universal version and the special version are basically the same, but the customized version is quite different.


1. Main parts:


The main part is the roller shelf main board, which consists of roller seats, roller and aluminum beams, while the aluminum beams are only available in the general version and the customized version, and the customized version does not have aluminum beams.


Retail Bottle Flex Shelf


1. Roller seat

Liquor Store Shelf Divider



Fix the roller, place the goods

The material of the ball seat is divided into two types: plastic version and aluminum alloy version.
Aluminium roller shelf is stronger and more durable than the plastic roller shelf, and the price is 10% higher.

Metal Wire Roller Shelf




Black Roller


roller is the core component of the deadweight slide, the main component of the main board, and the roller can be easily disassembled and assembled from the main board.



Only by using the gravity of the product itself with the help of the ball function, can the product automatically slide to the front.


1. The appearance is even and full, and the sliding effect is excellent.
2. Detachable, easy to clean and replaceable.


3. Aluminum beam

The roller shelf aluminum beam includes: front aluminum beam and rear aluminum beam.
Only the Universal and Special Editions are available.

Fix and connect each ball seat.
The front aluminum beam has one more groove than the rear aluminum beam, which is used to insert the acrylic baffle.

Supermarket Show Shelf


Rear aluminum beam, without grooves

Grocery Spring Sliding Shelf


2. Accessories:
Accessories for roller shelf include shelf dividers and acrylic baffles.

1. Wire shelf divider

Refrigerator Shelf Gravity

It is a wire used to separate goods.

The spacing of each separating wire socket is as fine as 3 mm, which can be fine-tuned according to the size of the product!

The OFL logo and customer service number are printed on the ball seat, which can be distinguished from the general slides on the market.


2. Acrylic baffle

Magnetic Smart Shelf

Acrylic baffles are thicker than those on supermarket shelves, and are printed with logo and customer service number.

Interspersed in the front aluminum beam, it is used to prevent the goods from sliding down.
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