Commercial vertical freezer "embedded" gravity roller shelf automatic cargo display frame

Aug 09 , 2021

"Freezer Wire Shelf " as one of the necessary accessories in the commercial freezer, with vertical beverage freezer, provide drinks, dairy products, beer display; this Fridge Freezer Shelf is divided into plane and double type, today is introduced is double layer frame, this layer frame is commonly called immersion steel mesh freezer shelf, characterized by fixed separation line between each aisle, the most widely used in beer cabinet, beverage cabinet and milk box cabinet.

cooler shelf glides

The double-layer network deck matches the embedded Fridge display shelf of OFL and each aisle is also known as a row surface. The double deck in the figure below is 7 card.

Bottle shelf pusher

The freezer's fridge drink shelf is a roller conveyor device that uses the gravity of the product to automatically slide the product to the front with the help of the roller function, so that the appearance of the freezer appears to be in a full state at all times. It can reduce the time for sorting out the freezer board, thereby reducing the number of times and length of door opening of the freezer, saving power consumption, and achieving the purpose of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure. At the same time, it improves the efficiency of personnel, reduces labor costs, and increases sales.

Application scenarios of supermarket fridge shelf:

-Customizable self .

-supermarket shelf display rack suitable for different products.

-Supermarket-normal temperature shelf.

-Convenience store-a variety of commercial freezers.

-Suitable for different packages of goods.

convenience store shelf

Cooler shelf selling point:

· Goods are always at the end of the shelves.

· Simple adjustment separation apply for goods in different packages.

· Rail laminate shelves can be used for at least 5 years.

· Make the top and bottom laminate work.

· Great choice for customer marketing.

· For different types of goods.

supermarket beverage shelf glides

The gravity roller shelf is in the cold fountain

Comparative advantages of gravity feed beverage shelves:

· Improve the way of display and increase sales.The beverage goods on the shelves are kept neatly placed in a fixed position to determine the fixed display Angle of the goods, so that customers will not let the goods dump when taking the goods, and automatically arrange the surface of the goods.

· The retail display rack shelf makes the goods on the shelves always displayed in front of customers and automatically fill forward to facilitate customers to find the goods and improve customers' chances of immediate purchase.

· Supermarket fridge drink shelf allows the goods on the shelf to realize the principle of advanced and first out, ensure the neat and generous layout, guide customers to change their shopping orientation, reduce the loss of goods, and improve the sales volume.

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