How to manage the convenience store ice town drinks?

Jul 09 , 2021

Convenience stores, as a common life and business facilities around us, we can buy all kinds of daily necessities at any time, like thirsty to buy a bottle of drink or what. This is not today to start from how to manage the iced drinks in the convenience store, to see how to "reach out" with the grocery display rack.

convenient smart shelves

Neatly display Coca-Cola shelves

Every summer, convenience stores have placed a variety of drinks, mineral water prominent position in the freezer, and these cold drinks are also popular goods in the summer, the annual convenience store cold drink sales income is a large amount of profit.

However, in order to stack larger quantities and more types of beverages at a time, many stores often buy several freezers, and fill each of them up. At the same time, the clerk may also put the drinks on the shelf. The goods are not in place, causing the drinks in the freezer to be disorderly.

Cooler shelf glides

Neatly Displayed Drink Freezers Abroad

In order to solve this problem, many store scholars searched for "freezer tally" and other content on Baidu to find new display props. They just found OFL stores in Google and alibaba. OFL is a manufacturer specializing in freezer slides. By (just provide the width and depth of the shelf to the customer service), you can customize a variety of freezer slide racks, letting traditional freezers bid farewell to the history of disordered beverage placement.

The installation of the roller shelf chute shelf device only needs to tilt 3-5 degrees, and the products in the front row are identified after being taken out, and the drinks in the back row are automatically pushed to the front end of the freezer shelf. In this way, it not only provides convenience for customers' shopping, but also saves a lot of time for shop assistants in the work of putting goods on the shelves. Its specific features include the following aspects:

adjustable shelf dividers

OFL special version of the roller shelf layer frame

1. Improve the customer's shopping experience

The use of roller shelf can instantly improve the level of drinks in the freezer in the minds of customers. At the same time, the adoption of convenience measures allows customers to experience the pleasure of convenience when buying iced drinks, and a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience will leave convenience stores with more repeat customers.

supermarket shelf equipment

2. Convenient staff management and save management time

Generally, the replacement of drinks in high-rise freezers needs to be done by humans. The staff often spend a lot of time to move the products in the freezer forward. The use of retail display shelf greatly reduces the labor cost of product replacement.

The advancement of freezer merchandise automation has saved a lot of time and energy for convenience store managers, allowing them to spend more time on other aspects of the management work of the convenience store.

refrigerator sliding shelf

3. Eliminate the occurrence of expired drinks

For traditional cold drink freezers, when the front drinks in the freezer in the convenience store are taken away, the drinks at the back do not move, and the clerk can easily ignore it when replenishing the goods. This will cause the subsequent drinks to expire due to the accumulation of time. In this case, losses will inevitably occur, and it may even cause serious consequences for consumer rights protection. After the supermarket drink shelf is put into use in the cold drink freezer, such common problems can be avoided from happening again.

In reality, people are gradually embarking on the road of intelligence in all aspects of life. It has to be said that convenience stores have also benefited greatly in the process of opening. The introduction of the freezer shelf system will increase the store owner’s cost estimate to a certain extent in the short term, but it will definitely get more praise during the process of putting it into use, which can exchange temporary costs for long-term profits and customer sources , Is also a business approach that is very worthy of promotion.

cooler fridge refrigerator

4. At your fingertips, within reach

The utilization rate of self-weight slides in foreign supermarket shelves, beverage freezers, air curtain cabinets, refrigerated cabinets and other places is as high as 95%, while the domestic cooler shelf are still in the early stage of promotion, and the future market growth space is very broad. At present, in China In the mainstream commercial vertical cold drink freezers, you can see the special version, plastic universal version, and aluminum alloy universal version of OFL. The self-weight slides continuously deliver drinks to the first row for the majority of customers, which fully interprets the power of science and technology. It’s really amazing. At your fingertips.

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