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Apr 12 , 2021

Many convenience stores around us, whether spring or summer,day or night, are open 24 hours a day. This year, countless convenience stores provide nearby distribution during the epidemic. Come to the convenience store will feel the arrival of the "self-respect slide" brought about by the shopping experience, the following is a few popular products.

shop display shelf

Top-selling products

Aluminum alloy version roller shelf is a practical and beautiful in one, of course, is also the highest value in the fridge shelf, can be called self-weight slide in the high rich handsome! This edition can flexibly adjust the spacing according to the size of the goods, s uitable for various types of commodity display, suitable for all kinds of shelves and cold drinking cabinets. Front acrylic can also customize their own brand, enhance the brand three-dimensional publicity effect, to customers more friendly interaction.

store rack shelf

Best value for money

Plastic roller shelf is mainly used in Coca-Cola freezer in the current market. As a self-weight slideway, it is the most popular, and the performance-price ratio is its remarkable advantage. In the function, display effect can fully realize the shopkeeper automatic tally, to the greatest extent to meet the needs of the less well-budgeted store owners; this version of the performance is also more advantageous than peers.

beverage promotion box

bottle spring pusher

convenient smart shelves

Variable free combination

The special version of self-weight slide,also known as "I-plate self-weight slide ", is characterized by the configuration of the corresponding slide according to the double-layer mesh frame, which gives full play to the extreme efficiency of the slide, and reserves gaps where there is no product. So cost reduction, product exclusive and custom sliding both. This slide is generally based on the number of rows, the following figure is seven rows of layers,OFL also has 8,9,10,11 rows to choose from.

cooler gravity shelf

display rack for supermarket

Shelf display rigid demand

The field of automatic shelf application is more and more extensive, such as in Shangchao, community convenience stores, category in food, condiments, cosmetics, personal care products, home are widely used, shelf weight slide, the most prominent application in pharmacies, all kinds of chain drugstores with weight slide has become the consensus of the shelf industry.

display shelves for retail stores

gravity roller feeding shelf

Exquisite display

Customer demand varies greatly, advocating individuation has become the normal trend. Based on this, OFL has launched two standard double slides with LED, the product is characterized by flexible combination, through battery power supply, Solve the problem of display in poor light. Front acrylic can be customized brand, can sell products of unlimited form, such as chili sauce, canned, ham, cosmetics can be.

refrigerated shelving

liquor display shelf

The above is the roller shelf main part of the whole product,there are more products and other accessories:

separation line, front acrylic, angle bar, small plug head,

but also through our online platform to understand the purchase.

gravity glides

Through the introduction of Xiao ou, do you have a more objective understanding of how to choose and use the self-weight slide? As a necessary props for shelf display, the self-weight slide track has a penetration rate of more than 90% in foreign countries, and our domestic utilization rate is less than 5%, and the early configuration has already made rich profits. Guangdong Ofulong automatic Shelf Technology Co., Ltd., as a leading enterprise in the self-weight slide track industry, popularized and popularized the self-weight slide track to make more people familiar with and use it to create continuous value for convenience.

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