OFL Coca-Cola display sale box

Aug 25 , 2021

Standard double slide beverage sales display box, automatic goods, improve sales.

Supemarket drink shelf pusher

convenience store shelf

OFL new choice of "standard double slide" shelf display itself, with its own highlights, to solve the problem of insufficient light display, front panel LOGO customized, more big brands into the sales surge.

Product introduction:

1. 2 standard display racks with row surface width and depth of 5-6 bottle;

2. Front acrylic can customize different trademark maps according to demand;

3. The uses the battery as the optical energy power to cause the LED lights to shine;

Product function:

1.Food Fridge refrigerator shelf finishing product arrangement, improve the image of product display;

2. solves the commodity advanced first-out circular sales;

3. improves the replenishment efficiency;

4.LED lights to attract the attention of consumers, improve sales;

display shelves retail stores

Suitable for : new products exhibition and sales, with light display, stand out from the competing products

With dry battery as optical energy power, LED lights can flash and solve the problem of lack of light on display shelves.

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