OFL Cooler fridge Shelf Outstanding Advantages

Aug 31 , 2021

First advantage Full appearance

gravity feed shelving system

The adoption of convenience measures can enable customers to experience the pleasure of convenience when buying iced drinks. The comfortable and pleasant shopping experience will leave more repeat customers for convenience stores.

Second advantage convenient to take

liquor shelf equipment

In the mainstream three-use vertical cold drink freezer in China, it can be seen that OFL special version, plastic general version, aluminum alloy general version of the drink feeding shelf way to continuously deliver drinks for the majority of customers to the first row.

Third advantageCold drink guarantee

rack for vending machine

OFL is a special manufacturer of freezer slide, you can only provide a width and depth size of the shelf to customer service) can provide a customized variety of freezer slide shelf, so that the traditional freezer can bid farewell to the history of disorderly drinks.

Fourth advantageRefusing to dump

refrigerator shelf track store

The OFL gravity shelf glide sdevice will be installed with a tilt angle of 4-5 degrees to facilitate the slide effect of the product, so that the product can naturally slide to the front end.

Fifth advantage Make up the goods quickly

sliding roller system

The orderly placement of goods can make customers have an intuitive impression, the use of the slide freezer can also let customers easily pick and take, not only that, but also convenient for the staff in the back of the replenishment, convenient replenishment can save a lot of time and manpower and material resources.

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