Yuanqi Forest established a retail business center

Jun 16 , 2022

Starting from 2021, GENKI FOREST will shift its channel focus to offline, laying retail cabinets in convenience stores, hypermarkets and other channels.In March this year, GENKI FOREST fifth self-built plant began to put into trial production, with a total capacity of more than 5 billion bottles a year.The above channels are no longer enough to consume such a large capacity, GENKI FOREST to the capillary like offline channels penetration.

At present, GENKI FOREST retail cabinets are divided into two kinds, one is similar to the Traditional Freezer Shelf, mainly placed in convenience stores, husband and wife stores, traditional supermarkets, laying more than 1 million.However, compared with the head beverage brands are still not many, the number of Master Kong and Red Bull terminal retail outlets exceeded 4 million in 2020."Compared with the giants, we are still a primary school student."Said a GENKI FOREST source.

Supermarket Shelf Glide System

The other is a smart retail cabinet, Equipped with Beverage Roller Shelf Glide. Mainly put in the office, apartment buildings, and so on.Roller Shelf is through the sliding of the roller itself,, carrying and push goods to achieve automatic tally, first-in-first first-out front-end replenishment, roller shelf is because of its unique function and exquisite durability, once published by the supermarket display industry widely procurement configuration.

pusher Shelf fridge drink

And OFL is the focus on Spring Loaded Cooler Shelf, successfully jumped into the industry benchmark brand of this category, the value commitment to consumers.From the consumer's perspective, the satisfaction that the brand brings to its customers is a more direct process.A beverage industry source has said that Coca-Cola sells more than 50 0,000 offline retail cabinets in China, but he has learned that only 20,000 smart terminals can collect and feedback data.

GENKI FOREST intelligent retail cabinet hopes to help offline channels to improve beverage revenue through commodity transaction data.Changing beverage categories and display methods can affect sales, and the average retail store owner does not have such data analysis capabilities.

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