Private label food business ushered in development opportunities

Jun 09 , 2022

At present, the entire Chinese consumer market is ushering in the opportunity for the development of its own food brand business.

Gravity Roller Shelf System

The food market is a standard product market for industrial production. In fact, it is the most difficult to establish a differentiated category market in the entire supermarket field. The trouble is that supermarkets must have passenger flow and profits, and food business must establish differentiation, and its own brand must be done.

Because in the field of industrially produced food, old products cannot increase sales or attract consumers' attention. One of the main reasons for the continuous decline in the ability of many stores to attract customers and the aging of the customer base is the aging of the food business and the lack of new ideas. buy.

If consumers want to enter the store and feel that the store has new ideas, they must make new ideas in the food business, take the trouble to introduce new products, form a mechanism, and ensure the survival rate of new products.

Sample Gravity Roller shelf

Only with strong new product capabilities can we achieve differentiation through continuous introduction of new products. Only the food business can truly realize the differentiated advantage, and only the own brand can have the foundation for success.

In this way, it not only provides convenience for customers' shopping, but also saves a lot of time for store salespersons in the work of putting goods on the shelves.

To maintain the survival rate of new products, in addition to ensuring its activity among consumers, it is also necessary to ensure that it can appear in the sight of consumers at any time.

In order to solve such a problem, many stores have begun to introduce Auto Front Fridge Roller Shelf devices specially designed for beverage placement in high-rise refrigerators. It can carry weight changes, identify them, and automatically push beverages in the back row to the freezer compartment. front-end position.

It is also very important for retailers to have online and offline omni-channel capabilities for their own food brand business. It is directly related to the ability to promote and reach marketing of private brands, the ability to gain insight into data consumption habits to guide product research and development, and whether it can create a "closed loop" for suppliers of private label businesses and provide "one-stop" online and offline services. Omni-channel service resource support.

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