New display props: roller shelf

Jun 22 , 2022

As early as 2006,OFL established a research and innovation team in China to create a brand of roller shelf in China, and started to develop a product that can automatically slide to the front (front row) while taking out the products in the front row. Display props, what kind of name to give it when it first came out, became a headache at that time.

Guangdong OFL Automatic display Shelf Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2014, focusing on the research and development, production and sales of roller shelf.

Roller shelf invention patent number: ZL201410789541.7

Supermarket Roller Shelf Display Rack, also referred to as gravity roller display rack (or roller shelf), is a new type of shelf display device that uses a combination of balls and ball slide racks.

Because this type of device can make full use of the roller to push the product to the front, the general product has its own weight, such as the cola soda, beer, cans, and mineral water that we usually drink. It is vividly called the "roller shelf".

This definition covers a very wide variety of shelving systems of varying complexity and size.

Soda coolers drink shelf glides

Product Bottle Roller Shelf are a necessary equipment for supermarkets, convenience stores, and freezers to display. The popularity of roller shelf in foreign countries is as high as 90%. At present, the application rate in our country is still very low.

In promoting the roller shelf of freezers, OFL takes the needs of users as the starting point, starting from solving the shopping experience of customers, and at the beginning of the launch of gravity roller shelf, OFL has invited participants from all walks of life to carry out repeated and demanding The verification has been well received by all customers and customers.

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