There are tips for scientific tally on roller shelf

Mar 08 , 2024

Speaking of tallying, friends in supermarkets and retail industries must have experienced that the existing shelves are generally flat. Our tally staff and loss prevention staff place the goods neatly on the shelves every day. When I came out, it was very neatly organized.

People often overlook the current situation, that is, the neatly arranged goods are in a static state, while our sales progress is a dynamic situation. Goods are purchased and taken away by customers every minute and every second. Nowadays, customers take away the shelves. After the goods are removed, there will be vacancies on the shelves. If the goods are not replenished in time, the arrangement will be uneven.

In response to this current situation, Guangdong OFL Automatic Display Shelf Technology Co., Ltd. ten years ago developed a new type of automatic shelf-roller shelf specifically designed for automatic shelf sorting.

As a new high-tech display prop,Commercial fridge cooler shelf automatically slides the products in the back row to the front after the customer takes the first bottle of drink, realizing automatic sorting of the products and keeping the shelves fully stocked at all times.

The advantage of the Gliding roller shelf is that it can reduce the time spent organizing the freezers, shelves, etc., thus reducing the number and duration of opening the freezer doors, saving electricity, and achieving the purpose of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure. At the same time, it improves personnel work efficiency, reduces labor costs, and shortens the recovery cycle.

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