Convenience stores should meet the needs of young people

Mar 14 , 2024

Adhering to the concept of "born for convenience" is OFL philosophy of serving the majority of convenience store merchants. The use of freezer slides will lead the development and reform of new retail in the future.

With the upgrading of consumption, contemporary young people have gradually become the main consumers. In order to improve the consumption experience of convenience stores, many convenience stores have cooperated with OFL to understand the thoughts of young people as early as ten years ago.

Use new display equipment and consumer data to analyze the preferences of the target group and make their values and needs concrete.

freezer cooler roller rack

In terms of hardware display,Freezer slide devices are used to create a unique and innovative display system for convenience stores. Freezer slides are provided in convenience store vertical drink cabinets, on shelves, and on cigarette sales racks.

Simplicity and convenience have always been the development focus of convenience stores, so they have been made.

supermarket vending machine shelf

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