Convenience store freezer roller shelf application effect

Feb 27 , 2024

As a convenience store chain, how can it stand out from the competition among its peers? Nowadays, the freezers of many convenience stores abroad have been equipped with roller shelf as standard. Vending display roller shelf can increase sales and reduce the time of tallying for convenience stores, which is the development trend of chain convenience stores.

Grocery Shelf Show Shelf

Many years ago, OFL began to develop "a roller-type fully automatic conveying equipment" to solve the convenience store inventory problem, and carried out product manufacturing and marketing to chain convenience stores.

Freezer slides can easily handle messy and expired situations caused by picking and placing goods; and use Acrylic Smart roller shelf to keep freezer shelves clean, tidy and full at all times, so that goods are always kept at the forefront.


Installing roller shelf in the freezer to place goods can save staff time in combing the goods; it can reduce the frequency of opening and closing the door of the freezer, save water and electricity costs, and also reduce the loss of goods.

The acrylic front baffle of the Aluminium roller shelf Divider can also be customized with LOGO, and each product can be placed neatly, allowing consumers to have clearer product information and making it easier to see and pick up the goods, stimulating consumers to purchase. Desire and enhance consumption experience.

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