Pay attention to consumption upgrade convenience store display

Jan 19 , 2024

In the future, new retail will have an influx of more competitors. Compared with the future, focus on the present and adhering to the concept of "born for convenience" is the concept of self-respecting slides to serve the majority of convenience store merchants. Using freezer cooler shelf will lead the future The development and transformation of new retail.

Auto Front Shelf Display

With the upgrading of consumption, contemporary young people have gradually become the main consumers. If you ask a young man what did he buy? Why buy it? Maybe many answers will revolve around like, freshness, fun, and popularity.

They not only want to get this product, but also to enjoy the experience brought by this product, and they even do not hesitate to overdraft the Ant and Huabei quota for advanced consumption.

Although these wealthy and willful consumption patterns can be said to be immature, they represent their pursuit of current values and persistence in their self-attitude.

Just like this, in order to improve the consumption experience of convenience stores, many convenience stores have cooperated with OFL to understand the thoughts of young people as early as ten years ago, using new display equipment and consumer data to analyze the preferences of the target group, and combine their values with Requirements are made concrete.

In terms of hardware display, freezer shelf devices are used to create a unique and innovative display system for convenience stores. Freezer shelf are provided in convenience store vertical drink cabinets, shelves, and cigarette sales racks.

Convenience Roller Shelf Equipment

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