How to attract customers on store shelves

Jan 05 , 2024

Nowadays, various retail formats, such as convenience stores, supermarkets, chain stores, etc., are all trying their best to make profits.

As a necessary item for the store, the shelf fee must be charged based on the location, time, area and other comprehensive conditions of the goods selected by the supplier. The more goods are sold, the higher the shelf fee the store can collect from the supplier. more.

Since consumers are faced with tens of thousands of choices, most people may only look at the description and price before making a purchase decision. Therefore, it is very important to quickly capture the attention of customers in the short term.

Putting display props on the shelves that can attract consumers' attention has become an important way to attract suppliers to invest.Store roller shelf glides is such a display prop.

The automatic push function of the slide can keep the products at the forefront so that customers can always see the products at first glance.

Equipment beverage shelf

Our double slides also include illuminated double slides and unlit double slides. The illuminated double slides can produce distinctive visual effects, enough to attract customers' attention.

Autofront smart shelf

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