Roller Shelf Plays An Important Role In Driving Drink Sale

Jul 07 , 2022

Drink is a Key Revenue Driver for Convenience Stores

The convenience store channel is the key to beverage sales. In the past few years, beverages have become the second largest contributor to convenience stores after cigarettes. Especially in summer, beverages are in great demand, ahead of snacks and daily necessities. Wait. Beverages are the main reason why 40% of people enter a convenience store.

From the data point of view, shelf beverages account for 20% of the total sales, and freezer beverages account for 80%. The use of the freezer means that the electricity consumption is very large, so to increase the sales volume, an efficient and effective sales system is needed to help.

The use of Drink Supplies Display Shelf can save a lot of labor costs and power consumption, and shoppers only need to spend 5 seconds on the shelf to get the items they want. Because the roller shelf can keep all the packaging always positive and orderly, sliding to the front. For shoppers, ease of access plays a critical role in whether they will choose the drink.

Case shelf pusher system

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