Private Label Goods Can Help A Retailer Drive Traffic To The Store

Jul 21 , 2022

Private label brands, once thought as inferior products, have substantially increased in market share over recent years. Today Private label is more influential than ever in even determining store choice of shoppers.

Some facts about private label performance:

1.$153 billion in sales for 2022 across edible and non-edible retail outlets.

2.Private label sales are expected outgrow national brands in 2025 for the fourth straight year.

3.More than half of shoppers reported they picked a store specifically for its private brand offerings.

Private Label Is Set To Continue Its Growth

Private label brand growth is set to thrive even more as a result of the pandemic, as price conscious consumers flocked to stores seeking the biggest bang for their buck. During the pandemic, private label brands saw a 46% increase in sales. If this trend continues, private label sales of food and beverage products could see an increase of $5 to $10 billion in sales for the year.

Roller Shelf Will Help Further Drive Private Label Sales For Retailers

With Plastic Acrylic Shelf Gravity Feed Roller Tracks, product is automatically front faced to the shelf edge. This assists in the shopper marketing process as a well-presented category is easy to shop and stands out in the aisle. Operationally, retailers no longer have to rely on hours of manual fronting from employees throughout the day. This effect allows retailers to reallocate labor tasks to other areas of the store, boost operational efficiencies while creating a better shopping experience.

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