New productivity in the beverage industry

Apr 18 , 2024

Roller shelf rack for beverage display. This display rack is a high-tech display device that uses a combination of balls and slide bars.

 Acrylic Front Gravity Smart Roller

Since the device makes full use of the rolling balls to push the goods to the front without power, general goods such as cola, mineral water, tea and dairy products can use their own weight to pick up goods in the front row, and at the same time, those in the back can The product automatically slides to the front, so it is often called a "roller shelf".

In the field of commercial and supermarket display, the definition of gravity slide also covers different specifications and a wider variety of application scenarios.

Auto Sliding Shelf System

For example, if it is used in a beverage freezer, it is called a Freezer Cooler shelf, and if it is used on a shelf, it is also called a Supermarket shelves slide. In fact, they are all roller shelf.

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