Beverage refrigeration display freezer slide manufacturer

Apr 10 , 2024

In the sales channels of convenience stores, fast-moving consumer goods are famous for their large sales volume and high frequency of inventory. Taking beverages as an example, most of the items sold in convenience store commercial freezers are mineral water, carbonated drinks, juices, and tea drinks.

Retail cooler drink shelf are based on the starting point of making fast-moving goods sorting easier and faster.OFL roller shelf provide the mainstream cold drink freezer shelves on the market, customized according to width and depth dimensions.

wire drink slide shelf

The commercial cold drink freezer slide and shelf system (also known as gravity slide) can solve the stubborn problems of expired goods and serious inventory backlog in supermarket display;

Products displayed on slides with an inclination of 3-5 degrees can achieve first-in-first-out, speed up the turnover rate of products, improve product quality, and reduce inventory accumulation and product losses.

grocery beverage shelf

Commercial freezer display shelf are suitable for use in various types of commercial cold drink freezers, air curtain cabinets and shelf boards.


OFL gravity slides are customized according to the width and depth of the customer's on-site shelves and freezer shelves. The most cost-effective ones include I-beam gravity slides and plastic version slides. The ones with the highest market share are similar version aluminum alloy slides. Customized version of the slide.

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