Use roller shelf to change the layout of the freezer

Apr 25 , 2024

Beverage freezers or beverage display cabinets are used in shopping malls or convenience stores to refrigerate and display beverages. The beverage freezer is composed of a refrigeration system\lighting system and cabinet. The refrigeration system consists of a compressor\condenser\evaporator\expansion Valve or capillary copper tube, etc.

retail store sliding shelf system

Main scenes of vertical beverage freezers

There are also two types of vertical beverage freezers: split and conjoined; basically it can be said that split and conjoined are two grades and two prices. In big cities, split-type convenience stores are basically the main type. Many convenience stores are mainly split-vertical type. The capacity and grade of split type are much higher, and of course the price is higher.

How to upgrade traditional beverage freezer shelves?

The shelves in traditional beverage freezers are essential accessories for commercial vertical freezers. Their main function is to display goods and serve as a tally display. The shelves in traditional beverage freezers can only be used for display and do not have an automatic tally function.

Roller shelf changes the traditional cold drink freezer

Refrigerator sliding roller shelf revolutionizes the tallying function of traditional freezer shelves. When customers take out the goods in the front, the goods in the back row will not move at all, which can easily lead to expiration and inconvenience, resulting in a poor shopping experience for customers.

Supermarket gliders shelf bottle

In response to the above display problems, OFL has developed an automatic tally device specifically for vertical beverage freezers - roller shelf. This display tally device is widely applicable and can be used for single-door, double-door, three-door and multi-door displays. Freezers include flat mesh shelves and shelves with dividing mesh.

OFL roller shelf will automatically tally the goods, and the dividing steel wire can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the width of the goods, so that the products are neatly arranged in an orderly manner. When the first bottle of goods is taken away, the products behind it will automatically move forward through its own gravity.

OFL freezer small shelf has various patented technologies, among which the 5-degree tilt angle is one of the utility model patents. After the customer buys the slide, he can adjust the rack of the display freezer to be low in the front and high in the back, and finally add drinks. Products can always be neatly classified and displayed in front of customers in a fixed location as always.

refrigerator always front shelf

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