New Product | 3D holographic luminous shelves

Apr 12 , 2021

The primary and secondary relationship between supermarket shelves and commodity colors, brand commodity display and commodity promotion all need to ensure sufficient brightness, which is very beneficial to promote the sale of goods.Take a look at two contrast pictures.

grocery display shelves

There is no contrast, no harm!

Personalized shelf lighting is the original hard injury, lighting settings strive to close to the natural light,so as not to affect the original color of goods, general shopping mall lighting is the overall layout of the lighting method, can not provide "focus personalized" lighting, It is difficult to focus on our brands and goods.

grocery rack shelf

So what new solutions are there?

Now many businesses in the shelf display hard work,has made the goods look orderly, but how to break out of the many orderly goods,attracting more and more picky customers' attention?It is also a thorny problem to be solved. It has become a trend to make full use of advanced technology to realize the leap of display quality.For example, our gravity roller shelf effectively solves the problem of goods placement.

refrigerator freezer shelf

Enough light is a very profound knowledge!

Certainly the supermarket lighting is also a system engineering , 3D holographic luminous shelves in the appropriate location with personalized, interactive fun lighting new way, can play a good role in focusing, through the sound and photoelectric multi-dimensional better attract the majority of consumers, with the season, holiday switching theme screen.

refrigerator slide track store

3D Holographic Luminescence Shelf:

1. lighting focus to attract attention to enhance brand exposure image;

2.3D Dynamic product display, more intuitive presentation of product buying points;

3. Enhance brand exposure, to enhance sales contribution;

4. Convenient installation, power can be used, long service life durable;

5. Integrated luminous price bar, expand three-dimensional more extensive publicity and display;

6. Screen can be changed at will, customized program more independent personalized.

3D holographic luminous shelf mounting dimensions:

retail display racks

3D lights attract consumers' attention and make your products more popular!

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