Take you to the Coca-Cola company headquarters

Aug 04 , 2021

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Today, OFL took you to "secretly sneak into" Coca-Cola Company here, Coca-Cola drinks free drink experience display shelf freezer and Coca-Cola stores can also taste the unlisted new products!.......

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Coca-Cola China Headquarters

1.Coca-Cola explores all the drinks

To the Coca-Cola Company to explore, Cola is sure to be the first goal! Since the whole company's drinks were free, the first thing we entered the building went from rushing to the canteen to —— looking for a beverage cabinet.

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After more than half an hour of search, we found 21 full self-service beverage cabinets alone, and more than a dozen automatic coffee makers and soda machines, all drinking from themselves.

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Experience a cold drink freezer with a store display shelf

As long as the self-service beverage cabinet is a little empty, there will be staff to fill, completely realize the freedom of drink, can not help but sigh, it is too happy to work here!

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The front drinks out at the same time, the back drinks automatically slide front row, really surprise! And a lot of Coca-Cola produced volume drinks, can also be drunk in the company, so the collection of beverage bottles has become one of the corporate culture, each floor of thousands of beverage bottles of various kinds, which is quite spectacular.

2.Coca-Cola stores is the first in the country

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Unexpectedly opened the Coca-Cola store in its own company, also too eccentric! The physical store, with most of its popular co-branded and independent surroundings, is a shopping paradise for Coca-Cola fans (if you have friends who work at Coca-Cola, you can buy it directly! And it is said that there will soon be online stores open to consumers, look forward to it! )

From fashion clothing accessories, peripheral dolls to limited curved bottles, the store variety of goods to eyeliner, you can even buy Coca-Cola small refrigerator; for the store Tee can also be their own DIY design, it is quite interesting.

Coca-Cola Center for Innovation and Collaboration

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In addition to the Coca-Cola store, there is also an innovation and collaboration center on the first floor, which sounds like a futuristic sense of technology, but we were redecorating that day and are not open to the public.

3.Happy Water R & D Center pioneered the new product experience

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As a Coca-Cola research & D base, of course, can not only drink the regular money! Every time the research and development department determines the new products that it can sell, it will first issue a batch to each employee's station, so whether you love or not to drink drinks, various bottles on the station must be indispensable.

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Not only drinks, but if there are new surrounding products, they will also give employees to experience from time to time, and suddenly feel that daily work has become a sense of expectation. (This gift box was fresh on the day we went! )

Research and develop internal test and tasting

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It is said that in addition to the regular department and research and development department, ~ Coca-Cola also has a "little mouse" mysterious organization composed of employees of various small departments, responsible for tasting and evaluating new drinks in research and development outside its daily work.

Through the Coca-Cola headquarters swim, drinking experience after a circle, we are known, in China there are Freezer shelf display shelf, Coca-Cola display shelf by guangdong Europe automatic shelf technology co., LTD., as an authorized supplier of Coca-Cola freezer to General version roller shelf, special version roller shelf.

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