Embedded Gravity Roller Shelf Display shelf

Apr 12 , 2021

The shelf is one of the necessary accessories in the cold drink freezer.Taking the vertical freezer as an example, it provides the display of drinks, dairy products and beer.This kind of rack is divided into two types: plane type and partition type. Today, the common name of this kind of rack is surpermarket gravity roller shelf, which is separated by fixed wire between each cargo lane. At present, it is most widely used in beer cabinet,beverage cabinet and milk box cabinet.

retail store display pusher

The separator layer matches OFL embedded drink roller shelf,and each cargo lane is also called a row surface, as shown in the following figure for example 7 cards.

shelf display pusher system

Standard Version Roller-shelf

The roller shelf of the ice-box is to make the goods slide to the front automatically by means of the function of the roller with the help of the gravity of the goods themselves, so that the appearance of the ice-box is always in the state of full goods. The utility model can reduce the finishing time of the plate surface of the refrigerator, thereby reducing the frequency and the time of opening the door of the refrigerator, saving the electricity consumption and playing the goal of open source and throttling. At the same time improve the efficiency of staff, reduce labor costs, improve sales.

shelf for drinks

Roller Shelf Application Scene:

- Customizable Roller shelf Display Frame for Different Commodities.

- Supermarket - room temperature shelves.

- Convenience store - Various commercial freezers.

- Commodities suitable for different forms of packaging.

shelf for refrigerator

Roller shelf selling point:

:: Commodities can always be at the front end of shelves.

:: Better customer shopping experience.

:: Slipboard laminate shelves for continuous use for at least 5 years.

:: Making the top and bottom layers work.

:: Excellent customer marketing options.

:: Applicable to different types of commodities.

shelf supermarket display rack

Comparative advantage of roller shelf:

: Improving the presentation of goods to increase sales.The beverage goods on the shelf are kept in a fixed position,and the fixed display angle is determined. It is convenient for customers to take the goods without dumping the goods and automatically arrange the goods.

: Put an end to the expiration of goods, efficient circulation of sales, reduce the loss of goods. The self-weight slide allows the goods on the shelf to achieve first-in-first-out, ensure the neat and beautiful layout, guide the change of customer shopping orientation, increase sales.

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