OFL appearance at Changsha China Convenience Store Conference

Apr 12 , 2021

Guangdong, leading supplier of display shelf system, was invited to attend the 2021 "China Convenience Store Conference".

sliding shelf system

How to upgrade the commercial vertical freezer display display?

Think hard about the way out for convenience store consumption in the post-epidemic era. How to keep convenience store retail with strong growth, how can concession stores counter the seconds to become handsome and rich, how to upgrade the traditional shelves of hyperstores and department stores, and how can traditional convenience stores hold changeable customers?

small rollers for shelves

5.12 - 14th

Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, Changsha, China

This exhibition with its self-weight slide products,with LED aluminum alloy general self-weight slide, standard double slide, freezer card buckle slide, 3D holographic luminous light box, etc.keep up with the market demand, directly match the customer application scene, close to a variety of cold drink freezer display this big article.

smart supermarket shelf

OFL self-weight slide has famous display solutions in cold drink freezers.As the largest self-weight slide production base in China, it has two manufacturing bases in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province and Qingdao, Shandong Province. The products are suitable for various convenience store shelves, vertical freezers and air curtain cabinets, and we provide self-weight slide solutions for customers on the site.

spice rack shelf

Self-weight slide display system

The goods displayed in the surpermarket roller shelf at the angle of 3-5 degrees, while the front goods are taken out, the rear goods automatically slide with their own gravity to the front row, so that the shelf will always keep the front row full.

spring force shelf

People oriented, the trend of The Times. OFL gravity roller shelf service all kinds of commercial freezer manufacturers, supermarket shelf agents, convenience store brands, KA brands. 600 + brand cooperation customer base, 60000 + convenience store goods. Every time is innovation, the self-weight slide makes the goods automatically front row, stunning more customers and more surprises to bring more businesses.

spring loaded shelf pusher

Extensive application scenarios of dead-weight slide channel

With the continuous innovation and development of commercial cold chain, Guangdong Ou Fulong, as the leading brand of the overall solution industry, is the self-respect slide innovation technology guide, with the vision of "born for convenience", sticks to the two driving forces of "quality + functional", and innovates patented products to provide a powerful new display for the retail industry.

store display rack

Night City, Xiangjiang River side Changsha and other king driving!

There is a story of wine, Ou Fulong sincerely invites you to Xingcheng Changsha,positioning the second floor D39, see or scattered!

As a global supplier of commercial super self-weight slide shelf,OFL is the pursuit of unremitting struggle.

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