How supermarkets capture consumer traffic

Nov 03 , 2023

Supermarkets must have the ability to display goods in order to realize the possibility of customers patronizing through goods,


Only with strong new product capabilities can we achieve differentiation through continuous introduction of new products. Only the food business can truly realize the differentiated advantage, and only the own brand can have the foundation for success.


In this way, it not only provides convenience for customers' shopping, but also saves a lot of time for store salespersons in the work of putting goods on the shelves.


To maintain the survival rate of new products, in addition to ensuring its activity among consumers, it is also necessary to ensure that it can appear in the sight of consumers at any time.


To solve this problem, many stores have started to use retail store beverage show shelf to place drinks specifically so that the drinks can slide forward to the front according to their own weight, so that the products remain at the front end at all times, neat and beautiful layout.

Auto Front Shelf Refrigerator

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