How to install roller shelf on ordinary shelves

Nov 16 , 2023

Supermarket gravity freezer shelf focuses on technology for a better picking-up experience. OFL rollershelf shelves provide everyone with a wonderful picking-up experience. Flex shelf roller assists in automatic sorting. When the drinks in the front row are taken out, the goods in the back automatically slide to The front row keeps the freezers fully stocked at all times.

How to install gravity roller shelf on ordinary shelves:

1. Accessories assembly

Insert the dividing iron wires in sequence according to the size of the beverage bottle. The distance between the iron wires is 1 to 2 holes larger than the beverage bottle to ensure smooth sliding, and then install the acrylic baffle.

2. Remove the product

Remove all products from the shelves. If there is room for upward adjustment from the top layer, remove the goods from the bottom layer. Otherwise, if there is room for downward adjustment from the bottom layer, start from the top layer.

3. Place the slide

Place roller shelf with the separating iron wires and baffles inserted in advance on the shelf. Roller shelf is at an inclination angle of 5 degrees with the bottom surface.

4. Test sliding

Place the product at the end of the main slide board and slide it freely to test whether it is smooth and whether it is interfered by the upper board.

5. Adjust hole spacing

If the product is interfered with, adjust the fixed position of the upper plate upward by 1 to 2 holes.

6. Test sliding

Place the shelf and retest whether the product slides smoothly.

7. Fixed slide

Peel off the double-sided tape on the bottom of the slide mainboard, fix the slide on the shelf, and repeat steps 1-7.

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