How Coca-Cola decided the "Roller Shelf"

Apr 12 , 2021

Coca-Cola is on display with OFL Conduct comprehensive and deep cooperation, groundbreaking surmarket gravity roller shelf frame Incorporinto all Coke Freezer displays,through automatic cargo handling A new customer shopping experience .Build a display black technology scene to enhance the purchase experience.

surpermarket freeze shelf

For an enterprise, although it is very important to grasp the opportunity of category differentiation to build a new brand, the evolution of the brand is equally important, especially in the high-tech industry.

As an innovative product of freezer, it can reduce the finishing time by 35%, improve staff efficiency and reduce labor time, save the electricity consumption and play the role of energy saving and emission reduction.

retail rack

Coca-Cola seeks a breakthrough beyond the category. It is precisely that China and OFL is the definition of the self-respect slide category. The concept of "born for convenience" has an intellectual property system that meets international standards in order to solve the traditional "display problem" that coincides with Coca-Cola. After Coca-Cola chose Europe, it also helped its brand emotion significantly, making customers experience the process of buying drinks more wonderful and the brand more profound, so that the brand reputation of it was better accepted.

supermarket display shelves glides

Coca-Cola communicates with OFL display drink shelf to help customers create value. Just like the "ball" part of OFL brand logo, the self-weight slide provides services for customers in all delicious beverage cabinets, with the fridge shelf bearing brand customers rolling forward.

As Business War says, the secret of a market leader to be invincible is to attack his own weaknesses and use defensive battles to leave the latecomers helpless.

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