LED Standard Double Slide Display Case

Apr 12 , 2021

The standard double slide with lights to improve the image of product display, solve the advanced first out circular sales of goods, improve the replenishment efficiency, LED lights focus on attracting the attention of consumers, and improve sales. Standard display rack with standard double slide 2 row width and 5-6 beverage depth; front acrylic can customize different brand LOGO; with dry battery as light energy power, prompting LED lights to flash and solve the problem of lack of light on the display shelf.

Acrylic drink shelf

Claws are one of our suppliers we work with, using acrylic standard double slides with their own LOGO brand. Our logo with lights can well show the beauty of the product, attract the attention of customers, and ensure the quality.

gocery shelf

Double slide product features a lot 1. efficient and smooth, can keep the drink smooth automatic slide to the front, so that the goods always at the front. 2. Custom LOGO, can print LOGO. on front acrylic

Product function self-weight brand arrangement, improve product image; solve commodity advanced first out circular sales; improve replenishment efficiency; LED lamps attract consumer attention and improve sales;

store display shelf

As our appearance level, the standard double slide is not only able to show with light or stand out in the competing products, but because it can dry battery power, simple and convenient to install, use a long time and no pollution and no danger, is the only choice of self-weight slide to show their own products.

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