Convenience store upgrades can not be done without roller shelf

Jun 10 , 2021

China's current convenience store market share is dominated by the petroleum department,The largest shares are "easy" and "Kunlun hospitality", They share 36% of the number of stores in the country's convenience store network,Eight other convenience stores (Meijia, Tianfu, Suning, Red Flag, Whole Family, Rosen, Quan, 7-Eleven) share 32% of the market share,The rest of hundreds of thousands of "husband and wife" stores share the remaining share.

bottle display shelf

7-Eleven, as one of our partners, their convenience stores give daily operation decisions to the system, commodity display with auto front shelves automatic cargo management system, not responsible for turnover, profit and other business indicators, power managers, only need to work according to the system prompts, and will try to use more to meet the needs of consumer. Can also greatly shorten the employee training cycle.

convenience store shelf

The founder of 7-Eleven, an old customer, once said In our eyes, true competitors are not convenience stores of other brands, but changing customer needs.

For example, JD has launched a transformation and upgrading plan for community husband and wife

stores to provide a series of business support for procurement and distribution. In addition, JD Fresh also

aims to turn the husband-and-wife store owners into the "leader" of community group purchase, and improve the efficiency of residents placing orders and goods distribution.

Alibaba's retail communication also has such services. Through licensing the brand of "Tmall store", many convenience changes can not only provide rich commodity and intelligent store management systems, but also help store owners do a good job in category planning and procurement to improve the overall operation efficiency.

drink feeding shelf

Therefore, in the face of the current situation of the violent development of each chain convenience store new situation, want to meet the changing customer needs, it is first to improve the image of the store and abandon the backward display and display way. Therefore, the transformation and upgrading of the cold drink freezer display mode is an indispensable step. And the automatic cargo function of OFL cooler drink shelf, can be efficient and smooth to let the product always keep in the front end, but also can save electricity and labor.

However, one thing is certain that whether it is the sinking of brand chain convenience stores, or the upgrading of traditional stores, they ultimately benefit from consumers.

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