Why the roller shelf can squeeze into the market

Dec 29 , 2021

Nowadays, many beverage companies are changing, from the original sports drinks to the current functional drinks. In the past, people bought beverages to follow the taste, but now most people pursue whether the beverage brand is interesting, whether the beverage is healthy and safe, and so on. 

Therefore, people who like to drink beverages are also divided into two types: one is rational and healthy consumption, which needs healthy drinks; the other is perceptual and individual consumption, which needs fashionable drinks.

 Fridge Shelf Dividers

Therefore, in order to meet the needs of unneeded people, it is natural to adopt new technologies: refrigerators and hot cabinets. Their birth has solved the different needs of many people, whether it is cold or hot, they can be bought on the street.

After all kinds of beverages became popular, it led to countless industrial chains, including freezers, and also included the OFL refrigerator bottle beverage shelf. In order to solve the problem of beverage placement and the appearance of the freezer, we have launched various self-weight slides. 

Flex Shelf Cooler

For example, you can see why the delicious freezers are still neatly arranged in the front row after taking the goods, because they are equipped with a store freezer rack with a low front and a high slope, which can be said to be available in China Wherever the Coca-Cola freezer is, there is OFL roller shelf to provide services.

Beverage Shelf Glides

Most beverage brands have made great efforts to put in the freezer at the terminal, and let OFL  supermarket sliding track have been deeply involved in the automatic tally of the commercial vertical beverage freezer net rack for more than ten years, which has witnessed more and more beverage manufacturers investing in freezers to achieve leapfrog development.

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