What are the application scenarios of automatic slides

Dec 22 , 2021

Automatic fridge shelf is a device with a very wide range of scene applications. At present, domestic supermarkets and convenience stores with a certain scale will be equipped with automatic shelf slides, allowing automation to empower shelf display and achieve high-quality and high-efficiency development; shelf slides can be used Product display, shopping mall promotion, advertising promotion.

Supermarket Refrigerator Shelf Drink

The protagonist of our discussion today is the product shelf glides of the shelf. The image of roller shelf is to use the weight of the product to automatically slide the product to the forefront with the help of the ball pulley function, automatically complete the delivery of the product, realize automatic tally, without connecting any power Drive device.

 Display Rack Flex Shelf

The inclination angle is less than 5 degrees. It is a patented technology mastered by OFL. The structure adopts aluminum alloy or plastic bottom plate, ergonomics development and design, and the environmental protection rubber strip is flexible, smooth, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and can be used for a longer time. . The size of the slide can be adjusted according to the placement of different product specifications, which is convenient for use in different scenarios, flexible disassembly and assembly, easy access, compact and light.

The ball slide adopts environmentally friendly and high-strength raw materials, the material is not easy to be corroded, and it is light to pick up, wear-resistant and load-bearing, and has a long life. Improve product display to increase sales, reduce the time of manual shelf arrangement, reduce the time of opening the refrigerator, save labor and electricity costs, the divider can be adjusted at will to meet the needs of different products, and reduce the loss of goods when they are sold.

Refrigerator Bottle Beverage Shelf

Large stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, specialty stores, convenience stores, small shops, pharmacies, tobacco companies, shelf companies and other places can be stored in different types of cold chain freezers.

As a certified supplier of Coca-Cola, OFL products are widely used in the entire product line of Coke, such as general version, special version, and standard double slide.Supermarket roller shelf divider is an emerging technological achievement in China. Our mission is: let more guests experience The magical and beautiful new shopping experience brought by technology. Customers who have selected said that it makes the shelf display brighter, convenient for replenishment, and keeps the goods displayed at the forefront and in a full state. It is suitable for the use of a variety of commodities, reduces the frequency of tallying, improves the work efficiency of employees, and improves efficiency.

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