Detailed drawing of roller shelf configuration

Dec 15 , 2021
Roller supermarket shelf divider, also known as the gravity roller shelf, is an automatic supermarket display prop that uses the weight of the product to automatically slide the product to the forefront with the help of the plastic pulley function to realize automatic tally without any external power drive device.

Store roller machine

  After using the retail display puser system, the image of the store can be improved, so that the products on the shelves and freezers can always be kept in a clean and full state. When the customer takes away the previous product, the second product will automatically roll to the forefront. The universal version of the cooler drink shelf management configuration The personalized acrylic front baffle and the dividing iron line make the products neatly arranged. The visual effects of the display and the shopping experience can attract more customers' attention, so as to achieve a win-win situation such as increasing sales, saving electricity bills, and reducing labor.

Spring loaded shelf manufacturer

      As a certified supplier of Coca-Cola, OFL products are widely used in the entire product line of Coke, such as universal version, special version, and standard double slide. Supermarker roller shelf glides is an emerging technological achievement in China. Our mission is to let more guests experience The magical and beautiful new shopping experience brought by technology. Customers who have chosen it all say that it makes the shelf display brighter, facilitates replenishment, and keeps the goods displayed at the forefront and in a full state. It is suitable for the use of a variety of commodities, reduces the frequency of tallying, improves the work efficiency of employees, and improves efficiency.

Retail cooler shelf glides

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