Precautions before buying a roller shelf

Dec 07 , 2021

Many customers and friends have many questions about how to configure the slides suitable for their freezer/shelf sizes during the process of placing an order to purchase Wholesale shelf pusher We have sorted out everyone’s problems, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Measure the size

Because the shelf pusher divider manufacture is customized according to your freezer shelf and shelf, so before that, you must measure the size and accurately, whether your freezer shelf is single-layer or For double layers, measure the width and depth of the shelf! The front, back, left, and right sides should start from the inner diameter of the shelf.

Spring loaded roller supermarket

2. adjust the angle

Shelf pusher system manufacturer uses the gravity of the goods to automatically complete the transportation of the goods to the front end with the help of balls, so it needs to be able to slide freely on the display platform inclined at a certain angle. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the shelf to a suitable inclination angle to take advantage of the automatic tally advantage of the self-weight slide.OFL own weight slide has a patented angle of 3-5 degrees, and the freezer arm can be used to adjust the inclination angle of the shelf during installation.

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3. the dividing line

The dividing line is made of stainless steel, which is not easy to rust or deform. Before installing the dividing line, first determine the width of the product to be placed, and then install the dividing wire at the corresponding holes at both ends of the slide, and adjust the separation distance. If you need to divide the slide into 7 grids, then you need to purchase 8 dividing lines, that is, the number of dividing lines = the number of cells +1.

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4. the front baffle

If your freezer shelf is not a double shelf, then you need to purchase acrylic front baffles to prevent the goods from falling. The height of the front baffle is divided into two types: the general-purpose version 7cm and the special-purpose version 11cm. According to the height of the market's drink materials, it is generally recommended to buy a 7cm high acrylic front gear. If it is a large beverage/beer bottle larger than 1.5L, it is recommended to buy an 11cm front gear. If it is a brand, you can also customize the printing. Add your exclusive brand LOGO.

Drink shelf divider

5. choose the color

At present, OFL own weight slides are available in black and gray. Black customers choose the most, mainly for freezer shelves; while gray is more high-end, mainly for export, customers are mainly concentrated in the self-weight slides of the shelves, such as food, pharmacies, cosmetics, and carton packaging products. The color can be selected according to your own needs before placing the order.

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