What product can make the product automatically slide to the front?

Jan 05 , 2022

Today, I will introduce you a shelf freezer display artifact, whose name has long been famous all over the world-the self-weight slide has a popularity rate of 95% abroad, while the current utilization rate in China is less than 5%.

Cooler Gravity Feed Shelf

Everyone buys a freezer opened by Coke every day. Most of the shelves you see are flat shelves. The general material of this type of shelf is a metal skeleton surface coated with a plastic protective layer. This is the most traditional shelf and the standard equipment of the old freezer factory. In order to save costs, manufacturers often ignore the new pursuits and expectations of customers, such as lack of tally function and display layout, which is a flaw. It can be said that how to place the goods and improve the shopping experience is beyond the reach.

The magic and uniqueness of the roller shelf

 1. Supermarket Acrylic Shelf Equipmentcan solve the current situation of lack of hands in the store, even if there are not enough tally professionals, it is easy to organize the freezer beverage products.

2. Auto-front Shelf Sliding can solve the situation of irregular rows, dumping, and vacancies. roller shelf can realize the functions of automatic replenishment and tally, and can use the weight of the beverage itself to continuously push the goods to the front to realize the row of the freezer Always in a neat and full.

3. It can also solve the phenomenon of product expiration and serious inventory backlog.Freezer shelf laminate can realize the first-in first-out of the product, accelerate the turnover rate of the product, increase the sales volume of the product, and reduce the inventory backlog and product damage. The freezer uses the advantages of the roller shelf laminate display to achieve better store efficiency.

4.To solve the problem of poor shopping experience for consumers, Refrigerator Bottle Beverag Shelf can always keep the first row of shelves on the shelf with products displayed, and there will be no vacancies. Even the upper-level products can be easily retrieved, increasing consumption Consumers’ shopping satisfaction has contributed to the turnover of commodities.

5.To solve the problem of high power consumption and energy consumption, after using the deadweight slide of the OFL freezer, the tally specialists do not have to organize the freezer drinks frequently, which saves the freezer door time and reduces the electricity bill.

Store Plastic Freezer Shelf

The deep-seated reason behind the new retail and consumption upgrades we see every day is that the requirements of customers have changed. They are no longer only satisfied with buying goods, but more to achieve spiritual communication and respond to their concerns. Every product launched by Ou Fulong is based on the ultimate pursuit, and together with suppliers, we will seize the opportunity of traditional industrial transformation and continue to develop and produce branded and highly interactive spiritual products.

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