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Jul 27 , 2022

Equipping roller shelf is a trend in convenience stores.

In today's market, you can find many convenience stores equipped with roller shelf, and the storefront effect displayed is better than that of convenience stores without roller shelf, which is mainly reflected in the plump appearance and neat layout.

High-quality convenience stores can be equipped with high-quality roller shelf to improve production efficiency, increase store turnover speed and increase profit margins. To achieve the overall stable and sustained growth of the store economy.

As an innovative technology product, OFL roller shelf freezer shelf is slightly superior in terms of sliding capacity, load-bearing capacity and compressive capacity.

1.OFL has more than ten years of experience and precipitation, and has more than 100 patent certificates.

2.Has an automated workshop, which can meet customer needs in an efficient and high-quality way.

3.Quality assurance is strictly in accordance with European and American CE, RoHS standards, and provides customized solutions.

Auto Feed Bottle Shelf

OFL Roller Shelf can achieve 35% reduction in the time of arranging the surface of the freezer, thereby reducing the number of door openings and the opening time of the freezer, improving the work efficiency of personnel and reducing labor costs.

After the roller shelf is transformed and its versatility is improved, the global popularity of roller shelf will be greatly improved in the future, and the market space will be huge. Whether it is abroad or at home, if you want to choose a good roller shelf, you can learn about ofl roller shelf.

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