How To Effectively Manage Convenience Store Beverages Using Roller Shelf

Aug 11 , 2022

In order to store a larger number and variety of beverages, many stores often use refrigerators with relatively high layers. However, this leads to inconvenience for customers when purchasing beverages, and it is easy to knock over the beverages in the process of taking them, resulting in unnecessary losses.

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In order to solve such a problem, many stores have begun to introduce roller shelf devices specially designed for beverage placement in high-rise refrigerators. It can carry weight changes, identify them, and automatically push beverages in the back row to the freezer compartment. front-end position.

1. Improve the shopping experience of customers

The use of roller shelf can instantly improve the quality of drinks in the freezer in the minds of customers. At the same time, the adoption of convenience measures can allow customers to experience the pleasure brought by convenience when purchasing iced drinks, and a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience will attract more repeat customers to convenience stores.

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2. It is convenient for clerk to manage and save management time

Generally, the replacement of beverages in high-rise freezers needs to be done manually. The staff often go to great lengths to move the products in the freezer forward. The use of Equipment Acrylic Shelf greatly reduces the labor cost of product replacement.

The automatic advance setting of freezer products saves a lot of time and energy for the convenience store managers, so that the staff can spend more time on other aspects of the convenience store management.

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3. Reduce the possibility of accidents

In this case, accidents such as falling of goods will inevitably occur, and may even cause serious consequences of smashing customers, and the use of can well Store Drink Roller Shelf avoid such problems.

When the first row of drinks in the middle and high-rise freezers of convenience stores are removed, the drinks in the back row are not so easy to reach for shorter clerks and customers.

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Although the introduction of the Free Sample Roller Shelf System of the refrigerator will increase the cost estimate of the store owner to a certain extent, it will definitely get more praise during the process of putting it into use, and it can exchange temporary high costs for long-term profits and customers. The source is also a worthwhile thing.

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