Small knowledge of roller shelf popular science

Aug 19 , 2022
In order to give you a better understanding of the OFL Gravity Feed Smart Shelf, we will explain the deadweight slides in several parts.

First of all, we will introduce the three major versions of our Plastic Roller Shelf Glides: general version, special version, and customized version.

1. General version

Acrylic Shelf Systems

The Universal version is the most expensive of the three versions, as well as the most practical and beautiful.

The general version can flexibly adjust the spacing between rows and surfaces according to the size of the product, which is suitable for the display of various beverages, and has a short production cycle, suitable for shelves and display cabinets.

2. Special Edition

Rack For Shop Roller Track

The price of the special version is lower than the general version, and it is also suitable for shelves and display cases.

The special version has set the distance between the slides before leaving the factory, which is suitable for most beverage displays.

The disadvantage is that unconventional beverages are not suitable for use, such as small bottled and large bottled beverages.

3. Customized version

Automatic Beverage Shelf

The cost of the customized version is lower than that of the dedicated version, but the production cycle is the longest among the three major versions.

After the customized version of the shelf is designed and formed, the small partners only need to purchase single slides in bulk, which can be flexibly disassembled and installed, and the application cost will be greatly reduced!

But the disadvantage is that the shelf needs to be customized, the spacing is not adjustable, and it can only be used for refrigerators.

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