Use and maintenance of roller shelf

Aug 26 , 2022

Product advantages

Roller shelf is made of environmentally friendly and high-strength raw materials, which are not easily corroded and light to pick up, wear-resistant and load-bearing, and have a long service life.improve product display to increase sales, reduce manual shelf arrangement time.reduce refrigerator door opening time, save labor costs and electricity costs, divider bars can adjust the distance at will to meet the needs of different products, and reduce the loss of goods during sales.

1. Prevent replenishment negligence

2. Old date goods are unsalable

3. Reduce the loss of expired goods

Daily maintenance

In order to ensure a smooth slide effect,Auto front Gravity roller shelf require simple daily maintenance. Just like ordinary shelves, just wipe with a soft cloth, at intervals of one to two months. If there is dust or liquid leakage, it should be wiped clean in time. If necessary, the roller can be removed from the slide main board and replaced.

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