The effect of roller shelf sliding

Sep 01 , 2022

The application scenarios of roller shelf are very wide, such as supermarket shelves, beverage freezers, convenience store displays, sales showcases, and unmanned retail stores can use Shop Bottle Roller Shelf as a display device.

Convenience stores and supermarket shelves can be equipped with Smart Flex Roller Shelf to enhance the image of the store, so that the products on the shelves and freezers can be kept clean and full at all times. When the customer takes the product in front, the second product will automatically roll to the front.

The general version of the roller shelf is equipped with a personalized front baffle acrylic, and the shelf divider make the products neatly arranged, and the display visual effects and shopping experience can attract more customers' attention, thereby achieving a win-win situation such as increasing sales, saving electricity costs, and reducing labor.

1. First-in, first-out, high utilization of circulating sales space.

2. The product moves forward automatically to improve the display effect and customer experience.

3. The sliding function can be realized with only a little tilt angle.

Spring Loaded Shelf Glides

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