Why Choose Roller Shelf

Jul 21 , 2022

The development of convenience stores is inseparable from the roller shelf.

Selling points of roller shelf:

1.The display is full and beautiful, which can enhance the customer experience.

2.Auto forward function, just tilt the angle, you can slide.
3.Fast tally and save laber costIFO to avoid goods expiration.

4.Store employees won’t have to organize shelves throughout the day, thus freeing up staff to better assist customers.

5.Roller Shelf comes in several applications that works in a multitude of store environments.

6.Roller Shelf adjustable dividers accommodate any packaging type and size.

As an innovative technology product, the roller shelf can reduce the time for arranging the refrigerators, shelves, etc., thereby reducing the number of doors and the opening time of the freezer. At the same time, it can improve the efficiency of personnel and reduce labor costs.

Although the introduction of the roller shelf system of the refrigerator will increase the cost estimate of the store owner to a certain extent, it will definitely get more praise during the process of putting into use, and can exchange temporary high costs for long-term profits and customers. The source is also a worthwhile thing.

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