The display knowledge of brand convenience store

May 18 , 2022

Under 7-11, we use Acrylic Roller Shelf Glides with LED version in China, and the shelf display presents a three-dimensional effect. Make the store more beautiful.


adjustable PVC Shelf Beverage

In the Family Mart convenience store, the freezer adopts a Roller Shelf Special Version , which is used for a more tidy visual display of the beverage display cabinet.

Acrylic Shelf Pusher

Lawson's suppliers in various regions of China are different, and Lawson's continuous innovation in the decoration style of convenience stores, so the overall style of the shelves is not the same, but in the end it will stay in the unique Adjustable Gravity Shelf Display. on the shelf.

As a representative brand of Shanxi, Tangjiu Convenience Store adopts black orifice plate series, which is medium-sized, which is more suitable for the display effect of standard area stores.

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