Convenience of roller shelf

May 25 , 2022

In reality, people are gradually beginning to embark on the road of intelligence in all aspects of life. It has to be said that convenience stores are also very beneficial in the process of opening.

The introduction of Cooler Roller Shelf Beverage system of the freezer will increase the cost estimate of the store owner to a certain extent in the short term. Being able to exchange temporary costs for long-term profits and customer sources is also a very worthy of promotion.

Equioment Gravity Shelf

The use of Acrylic Drink Shelf For Supermarket can instantly improve the quality of drinks in the freezer in the minds of customers. At the same time, the adoption of convenience measures can enable customers to experience the pleasure brought by convenience when purchasing iced drinks, and a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience will attract more repeat customers to convenience stores.

Bottle Shelf Flex Roller

Generally, the replacement of beverages in high-rise freezers needs to be done manually. The staff often go to great lengths to move the products in the freezer forward. The use of self-weight slides greatly reduces the labor cost of product replacement.

The advancement of freezer merchandise automation has saved a lot of time and energy for convenience store managers, allowing them to spend more time on other aspects of the convenience store management.

The use of Display Shelf Silding in foreign supermarket shelves, beverage freezers, air curtain cabinets, refrigerators and other places is as high as 95%. It's amazing, it's within reach.

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