Intelligent Roller Shelf

Jun 01 , 2022

Judging from the current background of industrial intelligence, iced drinks have become a dispute in terminal retail, and freezers, as a relatively standardized closed space, are more suitable for taking the lead in intelligent and automated transformation. However, in the freezer operation model of traditional non-standard channels, beverage brands often face many pain points:

1. First, tally labor costs are high and inefficient.

2. It is difficult for the traditional freezer grid to meet the shopping needs of customers.

3. The good shopping experience of the automatic tally freezer slide has increased sharply.

vending machine beverage shelf

Now it seems that this kind of solution based on customer experience improvement is being rolled out in other beverage brands. More and more beverage vendors are turning freezers into delicious freezers, placing Store smart shelf divider, automatic tally, and upgrading to enhance customer experience. Get a better shopping experience.

The popularity of smart freezers with Store PC Roller Track may only be a starting point.

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