Knowledge popularization of roller shelf

Jun 09 , 2022

The roller shelf is an industrial intermediate product belonging to the transmission category. It is mainly used for the display and display of goods on the freezers, air curtain cabinets and shelves in convenience stores and supermarkets. The products displayed on the Spring Front Roller Shelf are automatically transported forward after being taken out.

Sliding Shelf Drink Roller

The function of Auto Front Roller Shelf Track is to realize the automatic sliding of the goods to the front end. The merchants replenish the goods at the front end of the shelf according to the sales progress of the goods on time and quantitatively.

In order to achieve efficient turnover, the shelves are always in a full state. We have carried out careful scenario tests in the design process, and only after optimizing the problem will mature products be brought to the market.

Gondola Supermarket Fridge Shelf

The use of Bottle Beer Display Shelf can instantly improve the quality of drinks in the freezer in the minds of customers. At the same time, the adoption of convenience measures can allow customers to experience the pleasure brought by convenience when purchasing iced drinks, and a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience will attract more repeat customers to convenience stores.

In reality, people have gradually begun to embark on the road of intelligence in all aspects of life. It has to be said that convenience stores are also very beneficial in the process of opening. The introduction of the roller shelf system of the refrigerator will increase the cost estimate of the store owner to a certain extent, but it will definitely get more praise during the process of putting into use, and can exchange temporary high costs for long-term profits and customers. The source is also a worthwhile thing.

Always Front Freezer Rack

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