Material introduction of roller shelf

Jun 15 , 2022
The function of PC Cooler Roller Shelf device is to realize the automatic sliding to the front end of the goods. According to the sales progress of the goods, On time and quantitative in the front end of the shelf replenishment, and the goods placed can be adjusted with the width of the goods to separate the stainless steel iron line.

These separation needs can be designed into round holes and square holes according to the requirements of customers, or the customer trademark can be customized on the mold to highlight the specificity and facilitate the promotion of the brand.

Drink Shelf For Bottle Beer

The role of roller shelf device is to achieve efficient turnover, so that the shelf is always in a full state. Roller as an important component of the slide, durable, clean is some customers friends more care about.

From material selection to design process, we optimized many exposed problems, and finally mature and carry out commercial application.

Acrylic Flex Roller Shelf

Product Roller shelf Rack For Shop to as the main part of automatic shelves, its quality and reliability has been the OFL attaches great importance to the link, in material selection, mold development, injection molding process are in accordance with the ISO9001 international quality system standard, plastic particles procurement to the world mainstream enterprises meet ROHS high quality raw materials, the general name of the material is called: HIPS polystyrene.This material makes our shelf more stable and compressive.

Freezer Shelf dividers For Supermarket

As the pioneer of Auto-Front Beverage Shelf, we have accumulated more than 42,000 cases to provide shelf display solutions for convenience stores and supermarket shelves. We use roller shelf to make the shelves row neat, and the goods automatically slide to the front-end.

It reduces the number of opening the freezer, thus reducing energy consumption, provides help for efficient tally, but also saves labor, and finally realizes the maximum benefit.

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