Roller Shelf is the Best Solution for all shelf in the Convenience Store

Jul 01 , 2022
With changing customer trends and new beverages being introduced, fine tuning product assortments is critical.Roller Shelf adjustable dividers allow for fast and easy planogram resets which allows stores to quickly adapt their alcoholic beverage category offerings.

Gravity Feed Shelf Glide will front consistently and reliably drink in these locations:

cooler shelf pusher glide

Product Display Racks Benefits Convenience Stores in the Following Ways:

Sales Increase of 6-8% – Product is always fronted at the shelf edge
Labor Savings – Manual fronting is eliminated
Additional Facings – 20 facings can be gained in a 10-door set as adjustable dividers accommodate exact product width
Planogram Flexibility – Quickly implement cut-ins and planogram resets for new beverages, flavors and pack sizes
Universal Fronting – Patented rollers accommodate any packaging type (aluminum, plastic, glass & multi-packs)

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