Application of roller shelf in cold drink freezer shelf

May 10 , 2022

The OFL Auto-Front Sliding Shelf is applicable to a wide range of scenarios. It only needs to be installed on the existing freezer shelf, adjust the front low and rear high inclination of the shelf by 3-5 degrees, and the goods in the front row will automatically slide to the front when the goods in the front row are taken out.

Adjustable Gravity Display

After Grocery Roller Shelf is configured, it not only provides convenience for customers’ shopping, but also saves time for store tally, reduces the time to open the door, and improves the comprehensive benefit of turnover.

Gravity Vending Machine Shelf

The OFL Rack For Shop Roller System is suitable for all beverage bottle types on the market, all kinds of individually packaged foods, medicines and other commodities that require automatic sliding front row. Beverages, supermarkets, pharmacies.

OFL continues to serve customers of beverage brands, cold chain freezer manufacturers, supermarket convenience stores and store stores. It benefits users and makes the shopping experience of users' customers better. Guangdong OFL Automatic Shelf Technology Co., Ltd. continues to Pursue, continue to create greater value for relevant participants.


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