Smart new retail/convenience store upgrade

Feb 27 , 2024

OFL shared several points on the theme of "Business Model and Service Innovation" with the majority of convenience store partners.

In terms of innovation, Supermarket beverage bottle shelf replace traditional shelves. In terms of slides, according to the display characteristics of convenience store freezers, how to configure freezer slides, special slides, and standard double slides can make convenience stores more attractive to consumers.

As a new high-tech display prop,Retail fridge roller shelf automatically slides the products in the back row to the front after the customer takes the first bottle of drink, realizing automatic sorting of the products and keeping the shelves fully stocked at all times.

Commercial Cooler Shelf Sliding

Therefore, the self-gravity slide will be a watershed in future displays. Smart new retail requires simultaneous improvements in digitalization and smart hardware to achieve collaborative upgrading.

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